Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lawn sprite


Ohh, what gorgeous weather this weekend!  

Rob has been away on business all week... in Omaha + then Phoenix, so it's been just the girl + I, with Tammy joining us occasionally.  I have loved, loved, loved reconnecting with Leah and feeling free to take up more space here. 

It's been an excellent transition to the next change in our lives... me moving to a little apartment in a house the next town over (Maplewood) in a few weeks.  Each little step feels like a graduation from what's come before to the better things that keep happening.  This is a bigger step, but it feels right, with all of us making the shift together.

Happy May!

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Love This Life.. said...

Yay for nature sprites (I was one in Brownies, briefly in Toronto, Ontario)... spring has sprung.. enjoy!