Thursday, August 05, 2010

Last weekend in July

Last weekend I took off with T for a treatment-free beekeeping conference at the tip-top of central Mass.  The weather was gorgeous (perfect for the tent-dwelling we did at night), the bee people were lovely, and I got to cram my head full of fascinating bee-facts + ideas.

Although a bit disorienting to be in a place where I didn't feel I completely belonged, I felt the freedom in that.  Not supposed to be there, not being expected to do anything, really, other than what felt right.  And while I didn't always do that, I felt my way into it + started paying more attention to myself; recognizing myself in each of the other people there, and they in me. 

We stopped for a quick visit at my sister Em's house on the way back to NJ, so she + her fam could finally meet T.  Sitting in the back near her garden, we were treated to chocolate chip sand cookies made by my sweet niece + nephew.

Meanwhile, Leah + her dad spent a fun weekend on the tip-top of Long Island with his aunt + uncle, which included the beach, pool, a boat, ice cream, and a fabulous new hat (for Leah).

I'm at work now, in the middle of my last day here this week, but all I can think about is being outside in beautiful Massachusetts + filling my head with more learnin'!

Spied floating above the conference spot.  Amazing, no?

Hamptons girl

Canning salsa the day after we returned


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