Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kindergarten today... college tomorrow!

The girl is officially a kindergartner as of Tuesday this week!  She had a fabulous first day at school and at the small aftercare she attends with some of her besties.  Or at least I think she did, judging by the squeals of delight + bouncing off the sky she was doing when I saw her that evening.  She was so cool, so happy, so ready to be in her new classroom.  She didn't even turn around as I kissed her on the cheek + said goodbye.  That's my girl!

We dropped her off a tad late, so there are no photos of that morning, and she was too blurry to catch later on.  But that's okay.  It helps my heart a little to realize that really, it was a day much like any other... not a momentous mountain of an event.  She was ready + it happened.  And now "real" school begins...

However, here are some shots from our trip to MA a few weeks ago.  It feels so long ago now that the weather is crisper + new routines are in the works.  I am thankful for the time we had to catch up with everyone. 

And and AND!  My brother is now in China for 10 months, teaching conversational English at a university in Yuncheng!  Such an amazing endeavor... I am beyond proud of him + so excited to hear about his experience + how he grows. 

Happy almost-Fall!


2 princesses + a toad

Farm dinner

No, Jack, the beer is not for you!

Fun with Uncle Dave

My sister + her beau

Learning words on my mom's deck

Gram love

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lindsaylew said...

Congratulations Leah! I can't believe you are old enough for kindergarten!