Monday, December 13, 2010

And then she was a grown-up girl

You may have heard the crickets a-chirpin' round these parts lately.  I haven't felt comfortable writing about my life in any kind of detail.  Too much has been bouncing around me brain-pan.  Most of it too personal to share here.  

And, now that my sweet girl is 5 and a half, I don't feel comfortable writing about her, either.  She's a pretty big kid now, and I think she might not want me to be writing about her at this point in her life without the permission of her adult self (who, to my amazement, I see emerging in greater detail each + every day).  

So I am signing off here.  I may write somewhere else, because I think it might be helpful... for me, and maybe even for others.  But I think it's time to retire Cooler Than The Cat.  

It's been fun, exhausting, stressful, enlightening, freeing, maddening, embarrassing, and emboldening to occupy this space for the past 5.5 years.  Thanks so much for watching me start to grow up.  I really like who I'm becoming.

Love to all!


Elizabeth said...

Goodbye Cooler Than The Cat... I will miss the photos, insights, and eloquent writing. Like and love you always, sister.

Dave said...

So long, wellspring of mind and heart!