Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I may have gone overboard with the pink...

... but she loves it so!  (Drinking tea out of one of my Gram's fancy glasses.  She eagerly helped unwrap a set of them from a long-neglected suitcase.  And then went on a "cruise" inside the suitcase afterwards.)


This weekend's move had good flow.  Which is not to say it was free of sadness or uncomfortability.  But it flowed well... love + kindness + gentleness + strength allowed us all to get through it.  And now Leah has a Pepto Bismol-ish 2nd bedroom in my first-ever very own apartment.  I feel a bit hesitant to be fully happy about it, but oh, I am so very happy!  I can feel myself filling it out to its edges.  And beyond.  I'm so excited to see how life continues to transpire!

Thanks for all your love + well wishes!  They've carried me on a soft cloud that make the hard times seem less so.

I still need to acquire things like furniture + lighting + oh, the internet.  But I'm having fun eating dinner by candlelight with fewer distractions. 

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