Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is your most important relationship?

This popped up on one of my favorite morning internet visits.  It's a great reminder, especially now, as I move into a new phase of my life + seek a new relationship with myself and everyone around me.

Prioritize your life by making this the essential and foremost responsibility you have. Your primary relationship needs to be with yourself, not your family, business, country, culture, or ethnicity.

Affirm:  The number one priority in my life is my relationship with my Source of being. Go there first, before any other considerations, and you'll automatically discontinue demanding more of anything else. You'll begin to emulate the Tao effortlessly, living heaven on earth.


Love This Life.. said...

Wow - that's great!
Love that stuff..
Have you come across Dr. Bruce Lipton yet? Fascinating...
PEACE sister xo Your kid is very adorable!!

Sarah said...

thanks, mama! i've heard of him... will need to look him up.